Audiophile StrataBase Platform - Strata IV

Isolation platform for source components
Manufacturer: Audiophile Base
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The Beam Assemblies respond to vibrational energy which is airborne, structure borne and internal to the equipment. This energy is dissipated by the beam assemblies in the form of heat and in so doing cleans up the audio path (see attached leaflet). The effect of this is to improve dynamics, base extension and soundstaging from the added width & height to the music.

The StrataBase Platforms are made up from two thin substrates that do not touch but are bonded together using an elastermeric membrane. The bottom substrate is given its rigidity using a bonded subframe with the Beam Assemblies bonded into two of the limbs. The effect of this laminated construction is to filter out energies reaching the Beam Assemblies which results in the energy dissipation being even more efficient.

The result is that in addition to what the Base Platform achieves there is a more controlled and faster bass, improved separation and most importantly of all, is the added depth which gives a complete 3D effect

Sizing - 450mm x 550mm