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All items are supplied in original box with packaging, instructions and remote control if applicable. Fully tested by Harrow Audio and looking like new!!

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Audeze EL-8 Titanium - Ex Display pair

A closed-back model in Titanium finish with the same privacy and isolation from the environment
£699.00 £449.00

Audiolab M-ONE - Ex Display in Black

The latest compact streaming Amp/DAC
£799.00 £449.00

Klipsch R-28F - Ex Display

Reference Base Floorstanding Speakers
£800.00 £599.00

Monitor Audio Climate 60 T2 - Ex Display

Monitor Audio Climate 60 T2
£200.00 £129.00

Monitor Audio CT180 - Ex Display

Incorporating an 8-inch MMP®II bass driver with Monitor Audio’s signature C-CAM® gold dome tweeter to provide high performance sound
£135.00 £95.00

Monitor Audio CT265 - Ex Display

A 6.5-inch C-CAM® bass driver and a more highly specified version of the C-CAM gold dome tweeter offer an extended high-frequency response to 30kHz
£155.00 £100.00

Monitor Audio CWT160 - Ex Display

Blending precision engineering with excellent technological and design innovation. Priced per speaker
£130.00 £90.00

NovaFidelity X40 Black 2TB - Ex Display

High-resolution Digital Audio with DSD DXD Audio DAC featuring native DSD file playback.
£1,650.00 £1,350.00

Piega Classic 5.0 - Ex Display in Black

AMT-1 Ribbon tweeter in a compact floorstanding speaker
£1,599.00 £799.00

Piega TMicro 40 AMT - Ex Display

AMT-1 Ribbon tweeter in an aluminium cabinet
£899.00 £499.00

Pioneer N-70AE Network Streamer - Ex Display

Flagship Network player with integrated dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth, airplay, HiRes audio playback.
£1,199.00 £999.00

Project Essential III BT - Ex Display Red

Affordable audiophile turntable.
£319.00 £279.00

Quad Z3 - Ex Display

QUAD proudly announce Z Series
£2,500.00 £1,950.00

Spendor A2 - Ex Display

A-Line Compact Floorstander
£1,595.00 £1,195.00

Musical Fidelity M3si - Ex Display

Musical Fidelity's 85wpc Stereo Amplifier
£1,199.00 £699.00

Roksan Caspian M2 Amp Black Edition - Ex Display

Roksan Caspian M2 Intergrated Amplifier Black Edition
£2,250.00 £1,650.00