Project Accesories

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Project Sweep-IT

Record mounted cleaning brush

Project VC-S Lid

Protective dust cover for the VC-S record washer.

Project VCS MKII Record Cleaner

Affordable Record Cleaning done right

Ortofon Record Stabilizing Clamp

Record Stabilizing Clamp

Project 78rpm pully kit

Project 78rpm pully kit (not for Perspective)

Project Acryl-IT

Acrylic platter, as found on the Debut Esprit turntable.

Project Acryl-IT E

The perfect upgrade for your Elemental or Essential turntable.

Project Acryl-IT RPM-1 Carbon

Acrylic platter upgrade for the Project RPM-1 Carbon.

Project Acryl-IT RPM-3 Carbon

Acrylic platter upgrade for the Project RPM-3 Carbon.

Project Adjust-IT

Tonearm bearing adjustment tool

Project Align-IT

Project's alignment protractor

Pro-Ject Anti-Skate Weight

Replacement Anti-Skate Weight for Pro-Ject record players.

Project Brush-IT

Carbon fibre record brush. A great vinyl-lovers accessory.

Project Clamp-IT

Pro-Ject's stylish new record clamp, originally designed for the limited edition Art1 Turntable, now available to fit on any deck.

Project Clean-IT

The ideal brush for stylus care

Project Connect-IT CC

1.23m Carbon Coated Copper Cable