Hifi Choice Dealer Visit

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Some of you may of already seen the Dealer Visit in October's Hifi Choice, but if not, you can read all about it below. 

We had the pleasure of hosting Ed Selley for a day to show him what we are all about here at Harrow Audio. The idea of a dealer visit is to put together 3 systems, of varying value, to showcase your shop. Ed contacted us to ask if we would like a visit and to be featured in the Magazine. Obviously we said yes, who wouldn't want a chance to promote their business, but we wanted to do something a little different and reflect what puts us apart from other shops. 

We have a varied range of equipment on show, from under £200 to over 7K, with lots of price points in between. We pride ourselves in being able to offer solutions for every person, budget and environment. Being able to start people with a system, big or small, but be able to improve it as it evolves is what we are about. 

So we got to thinking about what reflects us and why people come to us. Without spoiling it, our 3 systems are drastically different, but all offer an enjoyment we feel can't be beat at the price. There are more expensive alternatives in each style system, but these are combinations we know work well together and offer hours of enjoyment. There is a huge amount of choice out there and it is difficult to work out what works best for you, especially when you are reading about it online. Reviews can be varied, opinions are varied, but what isn't, is your own ears and that is what we should all rely on. 

We had a great day with Ed, and we think he did too! We listened to all 3 systems, chatted about music and standout products, we even snuck in a Pizza lunch! Ed's knowledge of Hi-Fi is overwhelming, there isn't a product you can talk about he isn't aware of and there are plenty he knows that we didn't. Thanks Ed! We hope he enjoyed it as much as we did. 


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