These little wonders continue to fulfil all expectations for Amplifiers, Pre/Power combinations, headphone and phono step up devices.

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Project MaiA

'My audiophile integrated amplifier': A stereo integrated amplifier with 9 input options!

Project MaiA DS

Feature Packed Integrated Amplifier

Project Stereo Box DS

Pro-Ject's new integrated amplifier offers a lot of bang for your buck!

Project Stereo Box S

Pro-Ject's newest integrated amplifier; offering a sleeker finish and higher output than its predecessors.

Project Stereo Box S Phono

All in one combo of the Stereo Amp Box S, Pre Box S and Phono Box in one small audiophile package!

Project Stereo Box S2 BT

Compact Bluetooth Amplifier

Project Pre Box S

Introductory pre-amplifier; small but perfectly formed to volume control two line-level sources.

Project Amp Box S

30 Watt, micro-sized stereo power amplifier at an extremely attractive price.

Project Amp Box DS2

Stereo Power Amp

Project Amp Box DS2 Mono

Mono Power Amp

Project Pre Box DS

Sleek and well-built pre-amplifier with handy remote, and sharp but attractive screen.

Project Pre Box DS2 Analogue

Premium Analogue Pre-Amplifier

Project Pre Box DS2 Digital

Premium Pre-Amp with Phono Stage, DAC and Bluetooth

Project Pre Box S2 Digital

Premium DAC and Roon End Point

Project Amp Box DS

A great and highly compact digital amplifier which will add to any small or secondary hi-fi system.

Project Pre Box RS

Pro-jects newest Pre-amplifier. Detailed, solid and stylish with handy IR remote control.