Project Box Design

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Project DAC Box DS

Pro-Ject Box Design's flagship DAC with asynchronous USB allows you to convert from all your digital sources in high-fidelity.

Project DAC Box E

A high quality component DAC at an affordable price, the perfect upgrade for your digital system.

Project DAC Box RS

DAC Box RS - ultimate state-of-the-art audio converter!

Project DAC Box S FL

A premium-grade Digital-Analog Converter that doesn't oversample and includes a digital filter.

Project DAC Box S USB

The DAC Box S USB is a high-quality Digital Analogue Converter with three switchable inputs, including USB.

Project USB Box S

External computer sound card built to hi-fi specification. Easy to use, rewarding to listen to.

Project USB Box S+

A compact USB streamer capable of handling 32-bit/384kHz hi-res audio files. Ideal for computer audiophiles.

Project DAC Box DS2 Ultra

High-quality, feature packed DAC with DSD support