Since Peter Walker founded the business in 1936, all Quad products have displayed an originality in design, born from a full and proper understanding of every aspect of sound reproduction. A world leader in audio amplifier and electrostatic speaker design, Quad has, over the years, made a major contribution to the improvement of sound quality. This contribution has been recognised by awards from around the world including the Queen's Award for Technological Achievement in 1978 the only one ever presented to an audio hi-fi equipment manufacturer. 
For many people, buying their first Quad sound system can be a life changing experience. They enjoy the confidence of knowing that the complete system has been engineered to achieve optimal performance, free from compatibility problems. They relax in the knowledge that Quad's legendary service department will give support throughout the system's useful life. They derive pleasure from knowing that Quad is a company of individuals who care about both the design and construction of their products, while sharing their love of music. These are just some of the reasons why we now serve the children and even grandchildren of our first customers.

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Quad Artera Play

Artera sets a new standard of hi-fi electronics by QUAD

Quad Artera Stereo

Artera sets a new standard of hi-fi electronics by QUAD.

Quad Elite Pre

Quad Elite PRE - Pre-amplifier, integral MM/MC cards, supplied with system remote, balance and tone controls. Adjustable input sensitivity

Quad PA-One

Valve headphone amplifier with built in DAC

Quad S1

Compact bookshelf speaker with Ribbon tweeter

Quad S2

Standmount or Bookshelf speaker with Ribbon tweeter

Quad S4

Compact floorstanding 3 way speaker with Ribbon tweeter

Quad S5

Floorstanding 3 way speaker with Ribbon tweeter

Quad Vena

Integrated amplifier with Digital inputs and Apt-X Bluetooth

Quad Vena and Monitor Audio Silver 1 combo

Bluetooth and DAC enable setup
£1,100.00 £949.00

Quad Elite CDP CD-P

The Elite CDP uses a bespoke designed transport mechanism optimised to allow the unit to perform at utmost perfection.

Quad Elite CDS

Quad Elite CD-S - CD Player 24bit/96khz Dac.

Quad Elite FM

Quad Elite FM - FM Tuner, can only be powered Elite Pre Amp, 20 Presets

Quad Elite INT intergrated amplifier

The Elite Integrated is an offspring of Quad’s ‘closest approach to the original sound’ philosophy and combines all the virtues possessed by the Elite Pre and Stereo power amplifier in one single chas

Quad Elite MONO

Quad Elite MONO - 150W Monobloc power amplifier, includes AmpBus input and conventional phono input.

Quad Elite QSP Stereo power amplifier

The QSP Stereo Power Amplifier is a by-product of the famed Quad 909 Stereo.

Quad Elite STEREO

Quad Elite STEREO - 80 Watt stereo Power Amplifier. Includes an AmpBus input and conventional RCA phono inputs.

Quad II Classic Mono

Quad II Classic Mono Power Amplier - Re-release of the original Quad 11-classic. 15W Monoblock power amplifier based on the original II Classic circuits.

Quad II Eighty

Quad II Eighty - Pair of 80 watt monoblock valve power amplifiers. Featuring KT88 output valves running as 2 pairs and partial cathode loading in the output transformer.

Quad II Forty

Quad II Forty - A pair of 40 watt monoblock valve power amplifiers. Based upon original Quad 11 circuit, but with multiple upgrades including military spec input valves, KT88 output valves and a wider

Quad QA900 1.5m

Quad QA900 Performance Analogue Interconnect 1.5m

Quad QC24

Quad QC24 Pre Amplifier with 5 line inputs, 2 tape loops

Quad QC24P

Quad QC24P Phono preamplifier - Valve Phono Stage with MM and MC inputs

Quad QD900 1.5m

Quad QD900 Performance Digital Interconnect 1.5m