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TEAC has changed the lives of many with a history of innovative products from tape to CD and through to the newest digital technology. 
Today the TEAC range has expanded from traditional audio and video components to ground-breaking style products incorporating the latest innovations in audio and video. 
TEAC's goal is simple - to enrich and change peoples' lives through a high technology, beautifully designed product range focusing on the highest performance standards and contemporary design matched by the highest quality engineering.

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TEAC AD800 cassette deck

TEAC's unique 3-in-1 unit plays and records from either the cassette deck, CD player or an external source onto the USB port.


TEAC's 3 in 1 recorder. CD recorder, Cassette deck & USB recording device

Teac AG790

AM/FM Stereo Receiver

Teac AR630

Teac AR630 60+60w Amplifier

Teac AR650

Teac AR650 amplifier with Microphone input

Teac CDP1260

CD Player also for MP3-Formats

Teac CDP650 cd player with USB

CD Player with USB and iPod Digital Interface

Teac CDRW890 CD Recorder

Teac CDRW890 CD Recorder with FREE Maxell 25 tub CD-R Audio Disks - exclusive to Harrow Audio

Teac CR-H700iDAB CRH700 CRH700i

Teac CRH700i - Superb one box mini system - Airplay & Wifi, CD, DAB, Internet Radio, USB

Teac LP-R500

Phono/Cassette/CD Recorder/Radio Combination

Teac TR650 DAB

Teac TR650 DAB/FM tuner - black

TEAC W890R cassette deck

TEAC's newest Double Cassette Deck features everything you need to listen and record your favourite music onto another cassette.