Apollo Cyclone 5

Wooden based Speaker Stands
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The Apollo Cyclone range of Speaker Stands are designed to match the Storm 6 Rack and have similar design features to the award winning Atacama Moseco range. The Cyclone 5 is 50cm tall, with a choice of Black or White uprights, as well as the choice of 2 wooden finishes on the base. 

The all new Cyclone series speaker stand features a natural solid oak base panel which helps minimize mechanical resonance and a 50.8mm centrally located tube that can be mass loaded to help tune the supported speakers.

Available in Silk Black or Glazier White, there are three heights available; Cyclone 5 (515mm), Cyclone 6 (615mm) and Cyclone 7 (715mm). The standard top plate size is 150mm wide and 200mm deep with a smaller optional 130mm wide by 170mm top plate pack available should support for a more compact set of speakers be required.

6mm BZP spikes and locking nuts are supplied for the base panels to assist in isolating and leveling the stands and micro gel pads are included for the top plate to prevent speaker slippage and to help dampen any residual speaker cabinet resonance.

These functional, tune-able and attractive Oak based speaker stands offer fantastic value and will make a valuable contribution to your bookshelf speakers performance.

All Apollo Cyclone speaker stands are supplied in pairs and are manufactured in the UK.

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