Arcam SA10, CDS50 and Revel M16 Bundle

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We are pleased to annouce the Arcam SA10, CDS50 and Revel M16 bundle, saving you a massive £400.00 when purchased all at once. All brand new, all available to demo in store and supplied with everything you need to get up and running. 

The Arcam SA10 gives you 50wpc, Digital and Analogue inputs as well as a Phono Input for your Turntable. The CDS50 CD player offers superior CD Playback and wireless streaming via the Arcam Musiclife App. With the Revel M16s, you have a very capable, multi award winning speaker available in Black or White. 

We even give you 2 x 3m of Speaker cable and 1 x RCA interconnect to use between the CDS50 and SA10. You literally have everything you need.

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