Atacama Evoque Eco 110/40 - Base module

Atacama's new 5star reviewed modular AV rack
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The Evoque Eco 110-40 modular support features 40mm Carbonised Bamboo shelves with a choice of three interchangeable leg heights capable of supporting equipment up to 30kg per level. The black high gloss legs are equipped with A.S.I.S.T (Atacama Sonic Isolation System Technology) in the form of dampening gaskets and aerospace grade isolation components matched to full adjustable nickel plated 8mm steel spikes. These components are designed to dampen then channel high frequency resonance reflection away from the shelves allowing supported AV components to deliver maximum performance.

PLEASE NOTE- Shelf modules are available in 145mm, 195mm and 245mm standard shelf heights.

Atacama high density carbonised bamboo gives significant major sonic qualities when compared to traditional hardwood and veneered supports, with its unique micro growth pore structure offering both vibration absorbing and sound dampening properties.

Each Bamboo module is cut, finished and then polished by hand at the UK based Atacama factory so giving a stylish, modern appearance.


-Ecologically sustainable-

Being a grass, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet that when harvested will continue to grow allowing a new crop every 5 to 7 years. Because of this fast renewable growth, bamboo absorbs high levels of CO2.

-Carbon Neutral-

Because of its fast growth rate and high CO2 absorption, when factoring in processing, manufacturing and shipping bamboo remains a Carbon neutral material.

-Animal friendly-

The type of bamboo plant used in the Construction of Atacama supports is not a food source for humans or endangered animal species (Panda friendly!).

Please note:- Bamboo is a natural material so colour, texture, grain and age may give a variable appearance to each module.

Evoque ECO is made in the UK.

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