Atacama Spike Shoes HD-L - Large 4pk

HD-L is most suitable for speaker stands and Hi-Fi rack applications
Manufacturer: Atacama
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Atacama High Density spike shoes are made of a copper /zinc alloy construction, and feature a hole on the upper surface to locate the spike and on its lower surface, a non slip E.P.D.M. elastomer membrane designed to protect delicate floor coverings and aid sound dampening. Each spike shoe has a diameter of 25mm, making the HD-L suitable for most speaker stands and Hifi rack applications with a overall maximum weight spread over all four shoes of 100KG. They are available in a choice of two colours, Satin Black or Nickel Silver. HD-L spike shoes are suitable for all Atacama products with spiked feet, especially Hifi racks and heavy speaker stand applications like the HMS series and larger SL series , or if the flooring is made of a exceptionally soft material and the load needs to be spread, for example pinewood planking. They are not brand specific and can be used with other spiked feet furnture providing the weight tolerance recommendations are adheard to.
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