Atlas ELEMENT 1.25 speaker cable

Atlas ELEMENT 1.25 speaker cable - per metre
Manufacturer: Atlas Cables
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Manufacturer part number: Atlas Element 1.25
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The Atlas Element 1.25 contains 1.25 sq mm of stranded OFC copper contained in a high density polyethylene dielectric. The 1.25 is an ideal entry level speaker cable for small systems where bass is limited by the size of the speakers, or a cable for rear speakers in a 5.1 set up.

The 1.25 is unusual at it's price point insofar that it uses a quality polyethylene dielectric rather than the more usual and less efficient PVC. The Element may be specified in White or Black finish.

The Element 1.25 is an excellent and flexible cable for the rear speakers in a 7.1 system for example.

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