Atlas ELEMENT BiWire speaker cable

Atlas ELEMENT BI-WIRE speaker cable - per metre
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The Atlas Element Bi Wire uses 2sq mm of concentric stranded OFC copper contained in two twisted conductors for the rejection of RFI and EMI together with another two conductors consisting of a pair of 1.1 sq mm solid conductors to extend the high frequencies into improved smear free treble. The four conductors are contained in a polyethylene dielectric and are sheatheed overall with a pearl white PVC to protect the conductors from abrasion.

The Atlas Element Bi-Wire is considered in many quarters the reference for an entry level Bi-Wire speaker cable. On demonstration, the Atlas Element Bi-Wire in any modest system will perform as though it cost double its price. Bass and treble frequencies are given extension while dynamics are offered at speed thereby giving a realism rarely heard in similarly priced cables.

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