Atlas Element Superior Subwoofer

Atlas Element Integra Superior Subwoofer
Manufacturer: Atlas Cables
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Manufacturer part number: Element Integra Superior Subwoofer
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A ‘next generation’ cable with a clean, dynamic sound, providing excellent performance and a solid foundation for future system upgrades.

Our Element Superior subwoofer cable is perhaps best thought of as our ‘turbo-charged’ version of the original Element without losing the essential balance which let it work so well in many different systems

The OCC copper content of the cable by over 20% compared to the Element, while a high performance Polyethylene dielectric offers improved bandwidth, while increasing the diameter of the cable stabilises the cable’s impedance characteristic.

Finished in an attractive pearl grey, the Element Superior benefits from our calibrated shield crimping on the Integra non-magnetic RCA plug – this offers a consistency of termination and reliability unheard of at this price level.

The result is a cable with a large three dimensional soundstage which combines clean dynamic bass with a sophisticated portrayal of fine detail, without the artificial glare or brightness which affects many budget cables.

The Element range includes other analogue termination options, complementary USB & digital interconnects and speaker cables.

Construction Co-ax
Material OCC
Dielectric FPE (Foamed Polyethylene)
Screen Braid OFC, 90% coverage
Capacitance 63.03 pF/m
Inductance 0.3735 µH/m
Resistance 0.1612Ohms/m
Impedance 77.05 Ohms/m
Outside Diameter 7.05mm