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Atlas Eos Mains Cable
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The Atlas Eos 4.0 sq mm power cord consists of OFC conductors measuring 4.0 sq mm in an insulating dielectric of high pressure, low temperature extruded PTFE, all contained in a PVC sheath with a fabric cover. An Aluminium foil and drain wire rejects the deleterious effects of RFI and twisting the conductors rejects EMI. These power cords give a solid sound with extended lows. The 4.0 sq mm has a lower resistance and may be used in larger systems that are drawing bigger a.c. currents. 

The Eos acts as a filter against harmful incoming a.c. power, it dumps disturbance effects to earth and rejects airborne RFI. The Eos is one of the few cords available that allows the system to give more information.

The Eos will work well in a system where the a.c. power is introducing disturbance effects, either from a dirty ground or from airborne effects like RFI. It's always best to try before you buy; visit your Atlas dealer and try one of these. The improvement may not immediately throw you back on your heels, much will depend on the quality of your incoming current; but if when you remove it you wish you hadn't, then you'll know it was working.

Once tried, we think you'll never want to be without an Eos power cord again.

If listening on a good wide band system with clean power, quality interconnects and cables, the improvements that may be affected can be staggering.

Available in the following terminations :

Eos Superior with 4sq mm OFC with rhodium 13A plug to rhodium 10A IEC plug
Eos Superior with 4sq mm OFC with rhodium Schuko plug to rhodium 10A IEC plug
Eos Superior with 4sq mm OFC with rhodium Nema 110v plug to rhodium 10A IEC plug

The Atlas plugs and iec sockets provided with the Eos power cords are specifically designed to accept larger conductors. The pins in both the plugs and the sockets are rhodium plated for good conductivity; there are no soldered connections in these plugs.

Different length cables are available, please call 0208 930 9933 for price and availability.

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