Atlas Eos Modular 4 Way Power Distribution

Atlas Eos Modular 4 Way Power Distribution
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It has long been known that the quality of mains power can have a dramatic effect on the performance of audio systems. To this end, electrical filtering was introduced as a way of eradicating the unwanted interference that is normally the cause of degradation to the supply. However, not all audio products benefit from filtering, which is why Atlas has conceived the EOS Modular. Now, customers can chose which products can benefit from electronic filtering (normally those which carry low-voltage and sensitive signals such as turntables, CD players, DACs and pre-amps) and which don’t (power amplifiers have dynamic power needs and many can be constrained when filters are applied). With EOS Modular, users can specify which sockets are filtered and which are not, allowing users total flexibility and matched outlets per component in their system.

Filtered technology
The sophisticated filtering techniques designed by Atlas have been incorporated to remove unwanted RF energy at entry to the EOS Modular, therefore ‘cleaning up’ the power going to every socket that features the filtered technology.
The electronic filtering technology employed within EOS Modular is a symmetrical design taking care of both live and return paths. Over voltage protection via fast acting metal oxide varistors suppress voltage spikes (normally brought on by power-hungry electrical appliances being turned on such as central heating pumps, refrigerators etc.) by creating a virtual short circuit. This system is designed to eradicate the nasty ‘spikes’ that can ultimately harm sensitive equipment by limiting or ‘clipping’ the incoming voltage to a safe minimum.
Internally wired with Atlas Cables EOS Power Cable, EOS modular includes a secondary level of internal screening by maintaining the EOS power cable screen on all unfiltered power outlets thus providing an effective screen against air-bound RF interference generated from adjacent outlets. When matched with Atlas EOS 4.0 or 2.0 Power Cables from the wall socket to the EOS Modular and then onto all subsequent equipment, significant air-bound RF screening is achieved, even for non-filtered sockets.
High Power and Heavy Duty
Unlike most power distribution units which use ‘daisy-chain’ construction (the current drawn by every electrical component passes along the same conductors so there will be small but definite effects as each component draws more current depending on activity), EOS Modular is Star-Wired so that each socket receives the same quality and quantity of mains power. With a power deliver capacity of up to 2.3kW, EOS Modular is perfectly suited for even the most demanding systems. 
Housed in an effective steel RF enclosure, which adds additional RF screening, all components have been sourced to be of the highest quality available with even the filtering circuit board being of heavy-duty design with gold-plated connections.
Atlas EOS Modular - UK -  Filtered or Unfiltered Outputs, you configure
Star wiring on each outlet with Eos 2sq mm Rhodium Plug
Massive contacts and 16 Amps input connector
Eos shielded cable to power inlet
Shielded against RFI / EMI with a substantial steel case and separate sub chassis
Over voltage and surge protector
External ground connection
Lifetime Warranty