Atlas Equator BiWire Speaker Cable 2 x 4m with 4mm Gold Banana Plugs

Hyper series cable from Atlas
Manufacturer: Atlas Cables
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Manufacturer part number: Atlas Equator Biwire
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Special Offer - Free 4mm Banana Plugs when you purchase 2 x 4m lengths of Atlas Equator BiWire Speaker cable. We will fit the plugs in a Bi wired (2 - 4) configuration or Bi-Amp (4 - 4) configuration.

Atlas BiWire cables are technically advanced, employing conductors of different sizes that are matched for their characteristics. The H.F. (high frequency) signal is sent down a pair of solid conductors. That’s because the occupation area for the high frequency signal is greater in a solid conductor than it is in a stranded conductor therefore the solid conductor is able to extend the high frequency signal upwards into improved smear free treble.

The bass conductor is a multi stranded design in order to introduce a greater cross section of metal. That’s because the L.F. (low frequency) signal occupies the centre of the conductor. It follows larger conductors are able to extend the low frequency signal into improved bass. 

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