Atlas Equator HDMI Active

The new Atlas Equator Hi Speed HDMI with Ethernet
Manufacturer: Atlas Cables
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The Equator active High Speed HDMI with Ethernet was specifically designed by Atlas' own digital engineers to deliver optimal bandwidth with the lowest timing transition uncertainty possible, all in a flexible cable that is less than 6mm in diameter. The Equator utilises extensive silver plated OFC (oxygen free copper) conductors insulated by a low loss foamed Polyethylene dielectric to deliver fast, accurate signals between source and destination components. Its unique parallel lay conductor topology and its precision length matched construction enables the Equator to deliver over 10.2 Gbps of consistent data transmission in an effortless manner over lengths up to 7 metres.  With triple layer shielding employed to eliminate any contamination of the high speed digital path ways and a die cast metal head shell that not only provides superb screening characteristics but a greatly improved retention force. The Equator plug design ensures the snuggest of fits and a true and secure connection. The Equator is covered in a soft pliable PVC sleeve coloured pearl white.

The Equator active High speed HDMI with Ethernet lets us extend the cable lengths up to seven metres in the sure knowlege that the signal will not be adversely affected because the Active components reduce the work done by any digital receiver product giving it the best chance to recover error free data from any wide band transmission.

Lower work done by the correction circuit ensures better sound and better video. The Atlas Equator Active HDMI is better by design.


Slim diameter cable:- Lightweight and flexible

Minimal twisting of the internal data pairs:- Parallel lay minimises intra pair skew.

Minimal inter pair twisting of the data pairs:- Parallel lay minimises inter pair skew.

Built in active electronics:- Compensates for the natural attenuation at high data rates, so every length is optimized to deliver the lowest jitter possible.

Die cast head-shell:-  Gives improved retention force thereby minimising the chances of installation errors from plugs and cables falling loose.