Atlas Mavros Grun USB

Atlas Mavros Grun USB
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Our first ‘high-end’ USB cable, featuring the Grun Coherent Earthing System, designed to maximise performance from file-based audio sources.

A digital interconnect specifically developed to meet the requirements of USB as a ‘high-end ’audio interface.

It’s become evident in recent times that ‘noise’ is frequently a major issue limiting the performance of file-based replay via USB connections.

Computers are notoriously problematic in this respect, and although there exists a new generation of dedicated music server designed with an emphasis on designing good sounding USB outputs by minimising their electrical noise ‘leakage.’

This ‘noise’ is typically not directly audible as hiss or interference but it does have an impact on a DAC’s clock accuracy and error correction circuitry – compromising tonal accuracy and dynamic range. While it’s not easy to hear while present, it becomes easy to hear the difference when it’s removed or minimised.

It’s become evident that hardware alone can’t fully address the issue.

Our Mavros USB utilises our Grun Coherent Earthing System as an integral part of maximising performance from USB sources, by draining this ‘noise’ away to an ‘independent’ ground.

The Grun connection can be made via the supplied Grun lead with optional spade tag (connect to your amplifier’s chassis or earth terminal), or for optimum performance, via a Grun mains adaptor connected to a power socket or mains block.

There are of course other factors in designing a ‘reference class’ USB cable, Atlas set out to minimise reflective losses in high speed USB cables by improved termination methodology, higher purity conductors (OCC copper) and improved screening.

Construction of the Mavros USB is meticulous, with particular attention paid to minimising the effect of impedance variations, dielectric losses, intra-pair skew and skin-effect issues.

A combination of these elements typically adds ‘jitter’ generally regarded as the primary ‘performance killer’ in digital audio systems.

Mavros Grun USB is available in USB type A/B and A/B micro versions.




OCC Copper data & power


Foamed PEF


OFC, 85%


Al Mylar™ (100%), OFC (90%) with Grun grounding connector

Outside Diameter

3.8mm x 7.6mm

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