Audiolab 8300XP

Brilliance Evolved - the Audiolab 8300XP
Manufacturer: Audiolab
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Manufacturer part number: 8300XP
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Brand new 8300XP Stereo Power Amp to replace the classic 8200XP. More details to follow when in. 

The 8300XP is a power house of an amplifier, housing up to 480W of pure, balanced amplification. 8300XP’s full power output is delivered into any loudspeaker load – unconditionally. Massive reserves of power are available for high current drive capability to power and control the mightiest of speakers. This latest development of the Audiolab range now features a fully balanced power stage making the most of the balanced XLR inputs. This makes 8300XP a perfect match for any of the M-DAC range using its balanced outputs, even over long cables.

8300XP Amplifier

Rate power output 140W RMS (8Ω <1% THD, 1kHZ stereo) 230W RMS (4Ω <1% THD, 1kHZ stereo) 480W RMS (8Ω <1% THD, 1kHZ stereo)

Gain 29dB @ 1kHz (stereo) 36dB @ 1kHz (bridge)

Input sensitivity 1100mV

Input impedance 15k (balanced) 10k (unbalanced)

Frequency response -3dB 20Hz - 80KHz +/-1dB 20Hz - 30KHz

Total harmonic distortion (THD) 0.04% (20W, ref. 1kHZ)

Intermodulation distortion (IM) 0.04% (20W, ref. 7kHz + 60Hz)

Transient inermodulation distortion (TID) 113dB (A Weighted, ref. 140W)

Signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) 140W / 113dB

Damping factor 160

Power Requirement 240V ~ 50-60Hz 230V ~ 50-60Hz 115V ~ 50-60Hz 100V ~ 50-60Hz

Dimension (mm) (WxHxD) 444 x 149 x 367

Carton Size (mm) (WxHxD) 550 x 260 x 580

Weight 16Kg (Net) 18.5Kg (Gross)