Audioquest G2 Speaker Cable

Flat Series Speaker cable
Manufacturer: Audioquest
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Manufacturer part number: Audioquest G2
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AudioQuest's Flat Series speaker cable is built around a Semi-Solid Concentric design. While this is not as transparent as AudioQuest's Solid-Core Conductors, Semi-Solid wire is significantly more resolved than conventional stranded bundle wire.

In a conventional multi-strand cable, distortion caused by electrical and magnetic strand interaction is compounded as each strand changes position within the bundle. In an AQ Semi-Solid Concentric Packed cable, strands within the bundle maintain their fixed relationships, significantly reducing distortion. Long-Grain Copper (LGC) allows a smoother and clearer sound than cables using regular OFHC (Oxygen-Free High-Conductivity) copper. LGC has fewer oxides within the conducting material, less impurities, less grain boundaries, and definitively better performance.
16 AWG
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