Blue Aura PS40 LE Speakers

Limited Edition Ribbon Speakers in High Gloss Walnut
Manufacturer: Blue Aura
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A new addition to our Blackline range, the ps40 Limited Edition loudspeakers feature Air Motion Transformer tweeters and 4.5” hemp impregnated cone drive units.

AMT tweeters offer excellent transient response and low distortion ratios, resulting in a more natural, musical ambience, and for the drive unit we chose hemp as it has less cone break up than other fibre coned drive units whilst improving tonality and resolution.

High quality audio components are used for the filter network ensuring delivery of a clean audio signal.

Eight coats of lacquer are applied to the walnut veneered cabinets to produce a luxurious high gloss finish.

Ideally placed on stands but just at home on a bookshelf, the ps40 LE’s are true audiophile loudspeakers, delivering plenty of controlled low frequencies, balanced mid band and clear, yet smooth top end.


PS40 LE Specifications


High Frequency Unit Air Motion Transformer
Low Frequency Unit 4.5" Hemp impregnated cone
Frequency Range 45 - 40000Hz
Crossover Frequency 4.7kHz
Max RMS Power 50 watts per channel
Dimensions H: 253mm W: 145mm 
D: 205mm
Weight 3.8Kg each