Blue Aura v40 Plus LE

Limited Edition High Gloss Walnut Valve System
Manufacturer: Blue Aura
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Manufacturer part number: Blue Aura Blackline SE system
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One of our favourite Valve Amplifiers has just had the Limited Edition treatment and WOW does it look good! Available in a High Gloss Walnut finish , the V40 Plus LE comes with a pair of matching PS40 LE speakers and it looks stunning! Plus, a High Gloss Black PG1 turntable is included int he price as well! 

As soon as we heard this little Valve amplfier we knew we had to have it in store! Sweet, detailed and packing a punch well above its size, the v40 Blackline is an amazing Valve Amplifier and must be seen to be believed! On demo in store and ready to impress! Come and have a listen.

Enjoy the warm rich sound that valve amplification provides now in a retro walnut finish.

Following on from critically acclaimed press reviews for our v40 hybrid tube amplifier, the v40 Limited Edition will be offered in a sumptuous high gloss walnut finish and presented in distinctive Limited Edition packaging.
Matching high gloss walnut loudspeakers are offered as part of the system.

The v40 LE amplifier has all the technical attributes of the standard v40 and is presented in a high gloss walnut finish. 
Both sonically and aesthetically matched, the ps40 LE loudspeakers are offered as part of the system.

Eight coats of clear lacquer have been applied to the amplifier facia and the loudspeaker enclosures to give a deep, luxurious finish to the walnut veneers.



Amplifier Type
Power Output

Class A/B
30w per channel     

Freq. Response. 23Hz – 100 KHz +/- 2dB
Harmonic distortion 30W/0.7% , 1W/0.18%
Signal to noise ratio 88dB 'A'-weighted / 66 dB FLAT
Input Impedance 50K Ω
Input Sensitivity 580mV +/- 5% @30W
Output impedance 4 / 8 Ω
Vacuum tube type 12AU7/ECC82 x 2 6e2 x 1
Audio Inputs RCA/USB micro B/3.5mm 
mini jack/Bluetooth 4.0 inc. aptX
Audio Outputs Sub out (20Hz~850Hz)
Power Supply AC 230V/50Hz
AC 115V/60Hz
Dimensions H: 148mm W: 264mm 
D: 215 mm 
Weight: 3.5Kg


PS40 LE Speakers

High Frequency Unit Air Motion Transformer
Low Frequency Unit 4.5" Hemp impregnated cone
Frequency Range 45 - 40000Hz
Crossover Frequency 4.7kHz
Max RMS Power 50 watts per channel
Dimensions H: 253mm W: 145mm 
D: 205mm
Weight 3.8Kg each