Chord Mojo and Poly bundle with Sennheiser HD660s headphones

Mojo - The Game Has Changed.
Manufacturers: Sennheiser , Chord Electronics
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Manufacturer part number: Chord Mojo, Chord Poly and Sennheiser HD660s bundle
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Take advantage of our special bundle of the Chord Mojo, Chord Poly and Sennheiser HD660s headphones. 

A brilliant portable system with all the connectivity you will need on the go. Free your Music! 

Using the well respected HD650 chassis but with all new components, drive units and an all back finish. The HD600S is set to fill the void left by the HD700 but in an easier to drive package. 

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the Chord Poly module for the Mojo. With the latest software update you can now use Poly with Wifi, Bluetooth, Airplay and network connectivity, all controlled via a smartphone. 

With the added high quality digital conversion available from the Mojo, you have a stunning portable system, capable of playing nearly all music files. 

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