Now in store.... Auralic

Monday, January 08, 2018

Only a week into 2018 and we have already bagged our newest product line! Auralic, the streamer and DAC specialist will soon be on our shelves. You only have to read the reviews to know that Auralic have a very special product line up. From the £449.00 Aeries Mini all the way up to the new G2 series, there is a streamer to suit everyone. 

We are especially excited about the Polaris, a wireless streaming DAC Amplifier that sounds stunning. Just connect a pair of speakers and you have a complete, modern digital system, with proper amplifiers built in. 

With the Lightening OS software, you have complete control over your music library as well as full Tidal and Quboz integration. As of today, Spotify Connect is also supported. All Auralic products can also be Roon end Points. 

We will have the Aeries Mini, Altair and Polaris on demo in store shortly, so pop in for a demo! 

If you are curious to learn more, have a look at their website: or email for details. 

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