Hi Fi Racks Podium Reference 595mm x 400mm

Custom build Hifi Rack
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595mm x 400mm 4 Tier Hifi Rack - other options available, please call 0208 930 9933 for a quotation. 

Product overview

One of our most popular products, the multi accolade and award-winning Podium Reference is a four-legged hi fi rack constructed from your choice of solid hardwood. The sturdy 40mm plinths provide stiffness and stability, with each standard 595mm wide plinth weighing more than 10kg – adding to the rack’s density as well as absorbing vibration.

The Podium Reference is a modular rack, with each tier designed to be placed seamlessly on to the next. The 46mm2solid hardwood legs are removable and can be made to any length at no extra cost. This allows the hi fi rack to fit around your system, and means you can keep adapting and upgrading your rack with extra tiers and/or longer legs as you add in more equipment.

Each leg comes with a 10mm thick, high tensile steel connection rod and isolating spiked feet, available in a choice of black or stainless steel, so you can isolate each tier from the next.

Choose from standard sizes or a customised rack

Simply use the order form below to request a standard-sized rack, or use our bespoke calculator to specify your exact requirements for a customised rack. Every rack is handmade to order in our workshop, so there are no limits to the height, width or depth you can choose.

Isolation plinths for the very best sound quality

Our optional isolation plinths are used when your equipment needs more isolation between it and its resting point, e.g. the floor or hi fi rack level. You can order standard sized or bespoke isolation plinths to suit your chosen Podium Reference rack.

You'll find more information about isolation plinths and how they're used here, but please use this page to order isolation plinths for your Podium Reference rack.

Podium Reference: Key Features

  • A multi-award winning product as well as a 5 star TEST winner in What Hi Fi? magazine
  • Modular construction - add new tiers and change leg lengths as your system grows
  • A Choice of 5 solid hardwoods (Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple) and the Oak can also be finished in black or white.
  • Can be finished in satin or Gloss (satin is standard, there is no extra charge for gloss however please specify on order)
  • 40mm solid hardwood plinths
  • Each tier can support up to 150kg
  • Choose from standard sizes or design your own rack
  • Removable, solid 46mm2 hardwood legs for future expansion
  • Any leg length available at no extra cost
  • Choose from matching or black legs
  • 10mm high tensile securing bolts
  • Height adjustment isolation spikes with locating point (available in black or stainless steel) for each tier
  • Clear satin lacquer finish