Custom Design FS50 Speaker Stands

KEF LS50 specific speaker stand
Manufacturer: Custom Design
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The FS 50 is a KEF LS50 specific speaker stand based on the award winning FS104 Signature from Custom Design. Available in Black, White and Charcoal to match the LS50 colour options to complete the stylish look.

FS104 Signature info:

The What Hi-Fi? Award Winning Custom Design FS104 Signature speaker stands are an exceptional example of proper British manufacturing. The central column can be easily mass loaded with Custom Design's Inert Filler, and the four satellite columns combine to provide a totally rigid speaker stand. 

The performance improvements when placing your stand-mount speakers on the FS104 Signature are substantial, especially in the dynamic range which seems more open and free compared to conventional central, mass-loaded designs. Stereo imaging and precision timing bring more excitement to your listening experience all with an accurate and controlled bass performance. The FS104 Signature Speaker Stands are a serious alternative to the usual options of speaker stand design.

The satellite support columns are available in Black as standard, with Chrome, Brushed Chrome or Gold finish as optional extras. The top and base plates are manufactured from 4mm steel and available in 2 sizes. They are designed to have a minimal effect on the performance of your speakers, but combined with the 5 support columns they still provide a totally solid support for those who demand a more exciting and dynamic performance from their speakers. In addition to the two standard base plates, a third option is also available, designed to fit perfectly the Monitor Audio Gold GX50 speakers.

If you would like to mass-load the centre column of the FS104 Signatures with Custom Design's Inert Filler, we recommend two bags for each 24" column.