Cyrus is an extraordinary company, populated by enthusiasts passionate about the reproduction of music.
All models are built into the legendary Cyrus chassis. This has emerged as a true icon in the audio world… understated yet undeniably stylish. The `classic` Cyrus die-cast chassis is formed under enormous pressure and, once cooled, is hand-finished before the final surface is applied. The unique casting forms a strong and technically valuable enclosure that ensures our products are destined to endure.

Cyrus is doubly unusual because they design, manufacture and distribute high-performance audio systems from their headquarters near Cambridge in England. Cyrus products are developed exclusively for people who are primarily interested in investing in a system that offers the highest possible quality. Every Cyrus product sounds so good that, compared to mass-market so called "hi fi", they provide a clearly better sound.

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Cyrus 6 DAC

Award-winning high quality amplifier and digital to analogue converter

Cyrus 6 DAC QXR

6 DAC with the new QXR DAC module

Cyrus 8₂ DAC

The 8₂ DAC is Cyrus's most flexible integrated amplifier

Cyrus 8₂ DAC QXR

8₂ DAC with the new QXR DAC module

Cyrus CD i

The CD i is an integrated CD player using Cyrus's award winning Servo Evolution CD engine.

Cyrus CD t

The CD t is an audiophile CD transport widely seen as the best CD transport in its class.

Cyrus DAC XP Signature

Save £1000 on this stunning DAC
£2,995.00 £1,995.00

Cyrus One

Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger

Cyrus One and Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 Bundle

Save £££'s on this bundle in store

Cyrus One Cast

Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger and now Wireless

Cyrus One Cast System

Cyrus One One bundle with Linear One Speakers

Cyrus One HD

Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger and now Digital

Cyrus One HD System

Cyrus One HD bundle with Linear One Speakers

Cyrus Phono Signature

The new Phono Signature is arguably the most advanced phono stage available anywhere in the world today.

Cyrus Pre₂ DAC

The Pre₂ DAC separates the pre amp into its own chassis and provides a dedicated power supply.

Cyrus PSX-R₂

PSX-R₂ provides an extremely smooth and stable DC feed

Cyrus Soundbuds - True Wireless In Ear Headphones

True Wireless Bluetooth In Ear headphones
£79.00 £65.00

Cyrus Soundbuds2

2nd Gen True Wireless Bluetooth In Ear headphones

Cyrus Stereo 200

The Cyrus Stereo 200 is an award winning high performance power amplifier

Cyrus Stream Xa

Cyrus advanced streaming engine with a high quality 24-bit DAC

Cyrus X Power

X Power is high quality amplifier, with switchable stereo or mono modes