Dali Equi Home Cinema

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Dali Equi - what is it and why do I need it? 

Equi is a new wireless system from Dali that incorporates all their Active products into one big Wireless Home Cinema family. The biggest hurdle for people wanting to do Home Cinema is the vast amounts of speaker cables you need. It's easy to accomodate when you are doing a new build or refurb, but if you just want to experience true Home Cinema in your living room it has alwyas meant a large AV receiver and passive speakers all cabled back to a central point. Until now that is!

Dali's active Oberon C and Rubicon C systems centre around the Soundhub, a Central box at the heart of the system has multiple connections for TV and other source components which talks wirelessly to the Active speakers. Not much difference in size to a regular set-top box, it can house plug in modules to offer BluOS Hi Res Streaming and now, a fully capable HDMI ARC/eARC board allowing you to configure speakers from 2.1 all the way through to 7.1 surround sound, without individual connections to each speaker. 

There is also an option for a wireless subwoofer to sit alongside any speaker configuration up to 7 channels. 

Equi systems are the perfect substitute to a large AV Amplifier and cables without any compromise on sound quality and ultimately, a true Home Cinema experience. 

As you can mix and match through various Dali Active ranges, the possibilities aren't exactly endless, but they are extensive. We have put together 3 options which we think will be the most popular but please get in contact with either shop if you want to know more about Equi or Dali Active systems. 

You can see the systems here: https://www.harrowaudiohifi.co.uk/en/dali-equi

Here is what Dali say:


Introducing DALI EQUI: 
An ecosystem of active wireless HiFi products

DALI EQUI is a state-of-the-art HiFi and zero-loss wireless streaming platform delivered by active speakers and electronics for both stereo and surround sound. It offers unique convenience, flexibility and outstanding sound – in one easy-to-use package.

DALI EQUI is the easy-to-use, scalable, and future-proof ecosystem to make your wireless audio dreams come true, taking the guesswork out of good sound.



The word EQUI means "the same". Equal, equidistant, equivalent. 
We chose this name for our active wireless HiFi because it gives you the same authentic DALI sound you know and love, in an easy-to-use package.

  • Every product is easy to set up and use.

  • Future proof – expand with BluOS multiroom audio or HDMI ARC/eARC for wireless surround.

  • Mix and match speakers, upgrade and scale your system to your needs.

  • Zero loss streaming ‐ no speaker cables.

  • Wireless HiFi, stereo and surround.


We believe that a customers decision to move to newer technologies, such as active wireless systems, should be made on what fits their needs and wants rather than simply on performance. With EQUI, we bring our customers a new alternative to the traditional multi-box and cabled hi-fi or home cinema system. With EQUI, performance is not a compromise that needs to made in favour of design or convenience. 


What are the possibilities?

Active Wireless Surround
Surround systems can be complex to set up – but not with EQUI.
Starting with the new HDMI expansion module for the DALI SOUND HUB you have the foundation for a high-performance wireless surround system (up to 7.1) that is easy to set up and use.

Next, choose active wireless speakers from the OBERON C and RUBICON C series and add a dedicated centre-channel speaker - the new OBERON VOKAL C.

The DALI WSR (Wireless Subwoofer Receiver) lets you complete the picture by adding wireless capability to any active subwoofer, making it part of your EQUI system.


Multi-Room Music
Now you can easily build a wireless multi-room music system that sounds truly great. Just add the new BluOS NPM-2i expansion module to the SOUND HUB and stream music to up to 10 speakers with BluOS and now also with AirPlay 2.


Wireless Hi-Fi stereo
With the release of the BluOS NPM-2i expansion module for SOUND HUB, a high-quality wireless HiFI system just became an even more attractive proposition. Think big with a pair of RUBICON 8 C speakers and enjoy all of your streaming sources through the BluOS app, or with AirPlay 2.

Or opt for a SOUND HUB COMPACT and any choice of OBERON C speakers, enjoying apt-X HD Bluetooth streaming or connect your CD player and other sources.