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Devialet’s origin: an invention that revolutionized sound processing.

Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel invented a revolutionary technology that transformed sound amplification:
The ADH Intelligence. the first hybrid technology that associates the preciseness of Analog amplification (Class A) to the power of Digital amplification (Class D) allowing Devialet products to reach a never heard before sound quality.

Devialet is a French company created in 2007 from the encounter of 3 complementary and explosive expertise: Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, an engineer, Quentin Sannié, a visionary entrepreneur and Emmanuel Nardin, a designer of excellency.

Together they founded Devialet, Ingénierie Acoustique de France

In a building conceived by Gustave Eiffel and located in the heart of Paris, the 40 best acoustic, mechanic, electronic, computer science and signal processing engineers work to invent the sound technologies of the future.

Their motto: excellence, innovation and constant challenge.

The name Devialet refers to Sieur de Vialet, engineer and companion of Diderot, who participated in writing some articles for the Encyclopédie Française.

The philosophy of Enlightenment is indeed at the heart of our profound inspirations for the Brand: the technological progress makes the Man better. With emotion, essential component of Devialet’s listening experience.

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Devialet Cocoon

Stylish Carry Case for the Phantom speaker

Devialet Dialog

PHANTOM experience with Dialog : Sublime

Devialet Dione

Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 Soundbar

Devialet Expert 1000 Pro Dual

The new Devialet audiophile icon.

Devialet Expert 140 Pro

Power increase and new lower price

Devialet Expert 210 Pro Dual

Dual Mono Devialet Expert Pro

Devialet Expert 220 Pro

The best Stereo, the first step towards Dual-Mono.

Devialet Expert 250 Pro

Flagship Stereo Amplifier

Devialet Expert 440 Pro Dual

Exceptional architecture and performance.

Devialet Gemini

In Ear, ANC, Wireless Headphones
£279.00 £199.00

Devialet Phantom I 103 db

Flagship Phantom from Devialet

Devialet Phantom I 108 db

Flagship Phantom from Devialet

Devialet Phantom I 108 db - Ex Display

Flagship Phantom from Devialet
£2,790.00 £2,450.00

Devialet Phantom II 95 db

Compact Phantom II

Devialet Phantom II 98 db

Compact Phantom II

Devialet Phantom Reactor Legs

Reactor Legs

Devialet Remote

Remote for Phantom and Reactor

Devialet Tree

Smart Stand for the Phantom Speaker

Devialet Treepod MK2

Tabletop Tripod stand for the Phantom Speakers

Devialet White Tree

Smart Stand for the Phantom Speaker