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The Fyne Audio F501SP is the speaker we have been waiting for. In a more "home friendly" size, the F501SP builds on the success of the award winning F501 but with upgraded drive units form the 700 series, a revised plinth and improved crossover, it sets the benchmark for what a premium speaker can acheive. Hand built in Scotland and available in 3 High Gloss finishes. We are very excited to get this speaker on demo. 


Special Production brings Fyne Audio’s flagship engineering and high-end acoustic design principles to the compact and more accessible F500 Series loudspeakers. This ultimate expression of trickle-down technology delivers unrivalled performance and outstanding value across two stunning loudspeakers, designed and built in the UK.

The concept distils some of the very best components and engineering from across Fyne Audio’s high-end series into more affordable loudspeaker designs that set new benchmarks for performance at their price. Designed and tuned by Technical Director Dr Paul Mills, and hand built at Fyne’s UK factory, the F501SP and F502SP bring much of the driver, crossover and bass tuning expertise from the F700 and F1 series into the more compact and simpler F500 series cabinet design.

Using IsoFlareTM drivers derived from the F700 series, the Special Production models benefit from a premium magnesium dome HF diaphragm that delivers a better controlled and sweeter sounding top end response. The driver incorporates Fyne’s Flux Focussing System on the motor that creates high flux density in the voice coils for tighter bass and higher LF sensitivity. The multifibre cone and FyneFluteTM surround are manufactured from the same materials as the F700 series Isoflare drivers.

The SP models also incorporate Fyne’s Basstrax LF diffuser system with its Tractrix profile diffuser cone engineered into an aluminium sandwich plinth. This best integrates LF energy into the room making the speakers more tuneful and less critical of in-room positioning. Other trickle-down enhancements over standard F500 models includes premium hand built crossover architecture and components, highend silver plated Van Den Hul wiring and chassis earthing via a five terminal connection panel.

Special Production also brings enhancements to the cabinet construction, with each loudspeaker crafted from European sourced higher density cabinet boards and the interior integrating three complementary damping materials. Combined with the BassTrax porting system, SP models offer unrivalled smoothness in bass reproduction and vanishingly low distortion.

This comprehensive range of upgrades and enhancements to the original F500 series designs deliver sonic improvements across the frequency range and with a broad spectrum of musical material. From unearthing subtle details and instrumental nuances in chamber music to the crushing bass power of rock anthems, Fyne’s SP models are truly special.

With a choice of luxury finishes, including Piano Gloss Walnut veneer, Special Production models are hand built and pair matched in Fyne’s UK factory. Each pair is supplied with luxury accessories including machined spikes, knurled lock nuts. aluminium floor cups, and Fyne’s signature solid aluminium levelling tool. 

UPGRADED DRIVER F700 derived IsoFlare drivers Magnesium HF domes Flux Focusing Magnet System Chassis earthing system 8 Bolt chassis fixing.

ENHANCED CABINET DESIGN Higher rigidity structure European high density board Advanced Foam cabinet lining Bonded Acoustic Fibre damping Viscous driver chassis coupling.

IMPROVED FINISHES Hand finished in the UK Expertly pair matched Piano Gloss Walnut veneer option Diamond machine cut chassis Machined aluminium spikes.

REFINED TERMINATION PANEL AND CROSSOVER 5 Post gold plated terminals with earthing Hand built crossovers Laminated inductors ClarityCap capacitors (HF) Silver plated OFC Van den Hul wiring.

REVISED PLINTH BassTrax LF diffuser Twin layer aluminium plinth Machined aluminium spacers Enhanced tractrix cone.


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