Glorious CD Box 90

Designed to match the popular Glorious Record Boxes, the CD Box 90 can store up to 90 CDs in style.
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Please note: The CD Box 90 holds up to 90 CD single sized cases. If you are using it for full size CD Jewel cases, it will hold approx 64. Please take this into account when ordering incase you need more storage space. 

The Glorious CD Box 90 holds up to 90 compact disc cases, while perfectly fitting the popular Record Box look. The solid construction even allows for convenient wall mounting.

These CD boxes are made of high-quality MDF wood, available with black or white shrink-wrap finish.

Key Features:

  • Holds up to 90 compact discs (CD Single Size) Holds up to 64 full size CD Jewel Cases. 
  • Combination system: Easy stacking with other CD Boxes
  • Built-in divider (45 CDs per compartment)
  • Wall mounting possible

Technical Data:

Material: Solid MDF Wood
Dimensions: 705 x 155 x 170mm
Weight: 5.0kg
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