Glorious Record Box 55

Store a small record collection in style and convenience with the Record Box 55.
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The Glorious Record Box 55 is a simple and solid storage system for your 12" records. By being open on the side, this stylish case makes it simple to flick through your record collection (navigating by the spines of the sleeves). The 55 model is the smallest single box storage option produced by Glorious.

These record boxes are made of high-quality MDF wood, available with black or white shrink-wrap finish.

Key Features:

  • Holds up to 55 12" records
  • Combination system: perfectly stackable with other Glorious Record Boxes
  • Available with black or white shrink-wrap finish

Technical Data:

Material: MDF Wood
Dimensions: 210 x 355 x 340mm
Weight: 5.0kg
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