Graham Slee Novo

What Hifi award winning Headphone Amplifier.
Manufacturer: Graham Slee
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  • Chained/pass-through inputs
  • Output impedance compensation offsets headphone frequency dips and peaks
  • AC coupled output prevents DC headphone damage
  • Headphone impedance-ranging volume control - no gain switches!
  • "Always-on" for optimum sound quality
  • Supplied with 'Green' switchmode power supply - PSU1 upgrade option
  • Discrete transistor circuitry

The Novo won What Hi-Fi's prestigious best headphone amplifier award for three years in a row - so you know it's going to sound good.

The Novo is an inline headphone amplifier, which means it can be put inline between your source and amp, between your preamp and amp, or between your tape machine and tape input, thus enabling you to listen to your music on headphones as well.

The great sound of the Novo comes from being discrete, which means it's made from individual transistors and that's usually considered high-end - yet the Novo is a budget headphone amp.

Output (both channels fully driven - 0.05% THD) 150mW rms into 32 Ohms, 40mW rms into 600 Ohms
Frequency Response 38Hz to 27kHz (-1dB), 20Hz to 50kHz (-3dB) (volume control at '2:30 pm' position)
Channel Balance 0.5dB typical
Signal to Noise -80dB CCIR Q-pk 20Hz-20kHz (into 30 Ohms)
Stereo Crosstalk -64dB typical
Distortion (THD+Noise) 0.04% at 1 kHz into 30 Ohms (volume control at '2:30 pm' position)
Size (approx.) L. 10.5, W. 10.5, H. 5 (cm) excluding controls and connectors