Graham Slee Reflex

Suitable for moving magnet, moving iron and high-output moving coil cartridges
Manufacturer: Graham Slee
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  • Suitable for moving magnet, moving iron and high-output moving coil cartridges
  • Recommended sensitivity range 1.5 to 10mV
  • Fast-Active preamp and equalisation technology
  • Inherent reduced vinyl click and pop characteristic
  • Rock steady sound stage
  • Truly 3D performance
  • Convert to low-output moving coil by adding an Elevator EXP

The Reflex M phono stage preamp focuses on the perspective feel of the sound stage - designed to place sounds more accurately front to back as well as laterally between and beyond the speakers - the "musical distance" behind your speakers should indicate a greater perspective than their away-from-wall positioning would suggest.

The Reflex M uses our "fast-active" technology combined with a true symmetrical slew-rate, which unveils more of your music and at the same time, relegates vinyl nasties like clicks and pops, further into the background.

It is strong on tonal correctness and low on tonal distortion, rendering each instrument and voice in its proper register, underpinned with a detailed tuneful bass.

As with all our products, the Reflex M phono stage preamp should be left powered-up for its circuits to fully stabilize, and give the intended performance.

Although we also produce a Reflex for low output moving coil cartridges, you can couple a Reflex M with our Elevator EXP - an electronic step-up "transformer" for moving coils - to not only keep your cartridge options open, but to take your moving coil listening experience to new heights.

Input and output connectors RCA/phono sockets, hard gold plated
Input sensitivity range 1.5mV to 10mV
Output range (for above inputs) 168mV to 1120mV
Maximum input 46mV rms
Maximum output 5.2V rms
Gain 41dB (112) at 1kHz
Input impedance 47k Ohms plus 100pF
Output impedance (driving impedance) 1k Ohm (will drive 10k Ohms and above)
Noise at output -68dB Quasi-peak 20Hz to 20kHz
Distortion typically 0.01%
RIAA accuracy < 0.3dB
Frequency response 20Hz - 100kHz ("flat", corrected to RIAA)
Channel balance 0.2dB
Channel separation 60dB
Power supply remotely powered using option of energy saving switched mode or PSU1 linear power supply
Size (approx.) W: 107 x H: 50 x D: 180 (mm) inc. jacks