Hifi Rose

HiFi Rose focuses on the lifestyle of the music lover, and the ever evolving world of audio and hi-fi, to bring the world products that are able to adapt to the rapid pace at which technologies are moving. 

HiFi Rose is an audio technology brand from Korea, focused on delivering high-quality streaming audio in an accessible way with a host of innovative features. The ROSE identity is one of 'audio with screen’, with the belief that ‘the impression of sound with eyes and ears’ allows the user to experience a deeper connection, and high-definition experience with their music and video.

Get a better musical experience than any other product in the world; HiFi Rose sets out to provide technology that allows you to experience your music without boundaries.

Make audio for tomorrow

The RS150 and RS210 E allow users to operate the screen and control their music intuitively and conveniently. This use of a screen also enables TV connectivity for a deeper listening experience. Each device operates on ROSE OS, a bespoke operating system, which is easily controlled via the device touch display, remote, or iOS/Android app. The ROSE OS system provides an innovative musical experience. Stream and play ultra-high-quality music, 4K high-definition video, ad-free YouTube, Podcasts, various radio stations from around the world, CD playback/Ripping, and more.

With the newest addition to Hi-Fi Rose, the RS250 follows similar principles and features of the previous models. However, the RS250 is much smaller, compact and lightweight in design, with an 8.8” wide LDC and multi-touch screen. The RS250 has been designed with a full linear power supply that provides a clean and reliable power supply to the CPU and audio output circuits. The use of a linear power supply results in the minimisation of noise inflow significantly, and the ideal circuit layout employed eliminates electrical noise, and creates dramatically improved sound quality without distortion.

HiFi Rose’ attention to musical perfection, the latest digital audio technologies and class-leading industrial design help to forge a product ready for tomorrow, but available today.


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Hifi Rose RA180

Next-Gen Amplification

Hifi Rose RS150 B

Full Colour Touchscreen Streamer

Hifi Rose RS201 E

All in one Streaming System

Hifi Rose RS250

Compact Audio Streamer and DAC

Hifi Rose RSA780

USB CD Drive for Playback and Ripping