iFi Audio are gaining a reputation for high quality, affordable Digital and Analogue products. From the Zen Blue up to the Retro Aurora, everything is designed with maximum performance at the best price. 

High-octane audio that takes your breath away.

You love music, so that’s why we create products that improve sound quality and eradicate noise, distortion and hiss from your:

  • Headphones
  • Speakers
  • Portable audio devices
  • Phones
  • TVs

Which means you hear studio-quality audio as your favourite artists intended.

With our vast catalogue of devices, you can bring the live experience into your home. Or if you prefer your music on-the-go, we deliver every cymbal crash and pluck of a string in clear isolation straight to your ears.

You are the heartbeat of our business.

Since launching in 2012, your love of music is why we continue to pour our heart and soul into creating audio devices that make a difference to how you live your life.

It’s why we oversee the design, development and manufacture of over 30 products from our headquarters in Southport, UK.

It’s why we source parts from across the globe including Germany, USA and Japan.

And it’s why we set up our distribution centre in the USA who serve industry leading retailers such as B&H and etailz and work hard on increasing our global network.

  • You are the reason.
  • You deserve the highest quality audio, wherever you are.
  • iFi delivers it.

Want more information about iFi and iFi products? Why not get in contact with us using the enquiry selection below.

The materials used in many of our products improve sound performance by removing echo and irritating jitter.

iFi products and their packaging are made from recyclable materials, including Aluminium, Paper and Recycled plastics. There are no hazardous toxins in our components, and we ensure every product released meets environmental standards.

iFi prides itself on being an eco-friendly company.

AMR/iFi audio (Abbingdon Global Ltd – no 061901300)
G/F Balmoral Lodge
139-141 Cambridge Road

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iFi Audio AC iPurifier

ifi Audio AC iPurifier Power Conditioner

iFi Audio Hip DAC

Award winning portable headphone amp

iFi Audio Micro iDSD Black Label

Award winning Headphone Amp

iFi Audio Micro iPhono3 Black Label

MM/MC Phono Stage

iFi Audio Nano iDSD Black Label

Award winning Headphone Amp

iFi Audio Nano iOne

Award winning Bluetooth DAC

iFi Audio xCAN

Award winning portable headphone amp

iFi Audio xDSD

Award winning portable headphone amp

iFi Audio Zen Blue

Award winning Bluetooth DAC

iFi Audio Zen Can

Latest desktop Headphone Amp

iFi Audio Zen DAC

Award winning desktop DAC

iFi Audio Zen Phono

MM/MC Phono Stage