IsoAcoustic zaZen II

Isolation platform for Source Components
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The IsoAcoustics zaZen II is an isolation block designed for HiFi components on the more sensitive end of the spectrum, such as turntables and tube amplifiers. Available in a stylish Gloss Black finish, with IsoAcoustics award winning isolation feet built into the bottom of the platform. 

zaZen II measures a thickness of 44mm and holds up to 18.1kg of weight. 

Sitting In Peaceful Meditation

Borrowed from Zen Buddhism, the name zaZen appropriately refers to the practice of sitting in peaceful meditation. Appropriately thanks to its low noise floor, the IsoAcoustics zaZen platform allows listeners to truly zone out to revel in the newly revealed finer details within their music.

Strong Fibre Construction

zaZen is built from a dense fibre material that does not include voids to provide stability and consistency in support of operating HiFi components. Coupled with IsoAcoustics patented isolation feet recessed into the body of the block, zaZen allows for a high degree of isolation and greatly reduces structural borne interference.

This intelligent combination allows HiFi components to perform at their very best and helps to reveal a far greater depth and clarity to musical material.

Composed from dense, void-less fibre and coupled with IsoAcoustics' patented isolating foot attachments, the zaZen is an isolation platform designed for use with turntables, tube amplifiers and other sensitive HiFi components.

zaZen is available in two sizes with alternative weight capacities. zaZen I measures a thickness of 38mm and holds up to 11.3kg of weight, while the zaZen II measures in at 44mm boasting a bulkier 18.1kg of maximum capacity.

The zaZen platform’s mass married with its integrated isolation technology serve to remove interference from structure-born vibration, allowing the operating HiFi component to perform at its very best and reveal new levels of acoustic clarity and detail.

Each zaZen isolation platform is finished in elegant black gloss to match neutrally with a wide variety of turntable and HiFi component aesthetics.

Main Features

  • Weight capacity of 11.3kg – 18.1kg
  • Dense fibre board
  • Integrated IsoAcoustics isolators
  • Gloss black finish
Products specifications
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