Leak Stereo 130 and CDT Bundle

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Manufacturer part number: LEAK Stereo 130 and CDT combination
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Designed to pull at your heart strings, the award winning LEAK Stereo 130 and CDT bundle is the perfect combination to play all your CD's to a level you haven't experienced before at this price. The CDT is a high quality CD transport that is fed into the DAC of the Amplifier, which in turn produces a high quality digital conversion. Plus, with a host of Analogue and Digital inputs, this combination will get the most from all your music sources. 

The new LEAK is only retro in it's looks. Performance is very much up to date! 

We supply a free of charge AudioQuest Cinnamon Digital Coax Interconnect and 2 x 3m of G2 speaker cable worth £139.00 to get you up and running. All you need to do is select the CDs and connect your speakers. 

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