Marantz PM-10

A future legend
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We are delighted to announce we are one of the 10 selected dealers in the UK to have the latest Marantz 10 Series on demo. The pinnacle of Marantz's range, with over 70 years of design knowledge, the PM-10 and SA-10 are superb reference products. 


The Premium 10 series, comprising the SA-10 SACD/CD player/DAC and PM-10 amplifier, features
groundbreaking Marantz audio technology designed to deliver the best possible sound from highresolution
audio formats and CD alike.


Marantz PM-10: the power to perform


Marantz started as an amplifier company with its famous original Audio Consolette pre-amplifier back in the 1950s, and since then it has made many classic products, from the Model 7/8 preamp/power amp all the way through to the massive Project T1 valve amplifiers of the 1990s. So it was only fitting that the amplifier in this New Reference line should be something very special – the Marantz PM-10.


Effectively a preamplifier and a pair of monobloc power amps in a single unit, the PM-10 uses switching power amplification to deliver huge power – 200Wpc into 8ohms, and 400Wpc into 4ohms – to ensure it can drive a wide range of speakers, and instant high-current power supplies to ensure it can deliver the dynamics of even the most demanding music.


Talking of power supplies, the PM-10 has separate supplies for the preamplifier and each of the power amplifier channels, to ensure the delicate signals passing through the preamp aren’t affected by the demands of the high power output stages. There’s also a dedicated supply for the microprocessor controlling volume adjustment, input selection and so on, ensuring no noise from the control section finds its way in to the audio path.


The layout is fully balanced, from the input section all the way through to the final power amplifier section: it has two sets of balanced inputs, and also conventional unbalanced line-level inputs (plus a high-quality phono stage), the signal from these inputs being converted to balanced working before being passed through the amplifier. This ensures optimal signal purity and rejection of interference.


The preamp uses the famous Marantz Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules (or HDAMs), which are tiny amplifiers in miniature, built from discrete components for the best possible sound quality, rather than using the ‘chip-amps’ found in rival designs.


To make the most of that purity of design, the PM-10 has also been designed with the option of working in ‘Purest Mode’: when engaged, this deactivates any superfluous circuits, giving the signal the cleanest possible path through the amplifier. There’s also a Power Amp Direct input, taking the signal straight from the input section to the power stage to allow the PM-10 to work as a pure power amplifier.


Like the SA-10, the PM-10 is constructed to the highest possible standards, with a double-layered copper-plated chassis for excellent rejection of mechanical and electrical interference, and casework constructed from thick, heavy, non-magnetic aluminium panels. Both products also sit on custom-made die-cast aluminium feet.


Even the speaker terminals here are special: although the highest-aiming rivals tend to use components bought in from third party companies, the PM-10 has newly-designed and exclusive Marantz SPKT-100+ terminals, made from high-purity solid copper.


  • The new reference class Integrated amplifier
  • Four switching power amplifier channels in bridged mode (two per channel) for maximum grip and drive
  • True Balanced Concept from input to speaker to realise ground-free signal management
  • Massive power: 200Wpc per channel into 8ohms, and 400Wpc into 4ohms
  • Easy driving of a wide range of speakers
  • Wide-ranging dynamic ability thanks to instant high-current power supply
  • Fully balanced throughout: both preamplifier and power amplifiers
  • Marantz Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAM) in preamp stage
  • Dual mono power amplifier configuration
  • Separate power supplies for preamplifier and control processor, and for each power amp channel
  • Discrete phono stage for moving coil and moving magnet cartridges in its own shielded case.
  • High-quality construction with double-layer chassis, 5mm thick aluminium top lid, solid aluminium front, copper plated chassis and high-purity copper speakers terminals
  • Double thickness copper PCB for the output section and main power supplies