Michell Engineering Cusis E

MC Turntable cartridge from Michell Engineering
Manufacturer: Michell
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Manufacturer part number: Michell Engineering Cusis E
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All of the Cusis cartridges share the same moving coil design. At the heart of the cartridge is a samarium-cobalt magnet which is combined with pure iron to create a very stable magnetic field within the cartridge. 30μ pure copper wire is used to precision wind the cartridge coils onto an ultra-lightweight armature, which is mounted onto a specially designed damper.
The damper has been specifically designed to give the stylus assembly the perfect support, which ensures the stylus tracks the groove precisely. 
The number of coils, resultant output and body material, have all been optimised for each model’s stylus assembly, to give the best possible audio output.
The construction of the cartridge has been carefully designed to eliminate unwanted vibration and resonance. Each cartridge has a large aluminium chassis to which all the parts are affixed. This chassis is designed to absorb unwanted vibration and give a rigid platform to mount the cartridge parts.
The body materials, shapes and exterior patterns have also been designed to further reduce vibration and resonance, resulting in truly unrivalled levels of detail and neutrality.
The entry point for our moving coil cartridge range, the Cusis E gives great detail and musicality, which never detracts from the music.
  • Elliptical stylus
  • Aluminium cantilever
  • Large aluminium chassis 
  • High density Acetyl body
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