Monitor Audio Bronze W10

Latest 6th Generation Bronze range
Manufacturer: Monitor Audio
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The all new Bronze 6G is now available to Pre Order.

The Bronze W10 is the new Subwoofer desgned for the new Monitor Audio Bronze range. Taking drive unit design from the award winning Silver range and wrapped in 4 distinctive colour options and a 5 year warranty, the Bronze subwoofer is compatible with any AV receiver and speaker set up. 

Key Features

  • Long-throw 10" (250 mm) driver featuring ‘dished’ C-CAM
  • 10" (250 mm) flat panel Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR) positioned underneath the unit
  • Class D amplifier with high current Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPSU)

The Bronze W10’s long-throw 10" C-CAM subwoofer driver combines with the 10" auxiliary bass radiator to bring a vivid realism to any performance.

Our engineers have acoustically improved the driver and bass radiator by reducing the moving masses and tuning the compliances in the system to improve the transient response - kick drumsand explosions now have much more punch and precision. Reduced moving mass and improved rubber feet allows more energy to be transmitted directly into the room rather than being lost through mechanical vibrations through the floor and walls.

The Bronze W10 is a stunning addition to any room.

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