Monitor Audio Studio 89

Studio 89
Manufacturer: Monitor Audio
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Inspired by the golden age of Hifi, the new Studio 89 from Monitor Audio is no vintage throwback. Instead, it is packed full of modern day tech filtered down from the Platinum series and Hyphn flagship, all wrapped in a modern looking, 80's disco inspired design. 

This Black and Gold wonder is clean, punchy and full of life. Fire up the Cosworth, its time to boogie!

Key Features

  • Two-way design with MTM driver array speaker configuration
  • 1 x MPD III high-frequency transducer
  • 2 x 4 ¼” RDT III, C-CAM bass-mid drivers
  • Rigid die-cast aluminium baffle with through-bolt driver fixings
  • New crossover design utilising carefully selected high-quality capacitors
  • Ported cabinet design featuring twin velocity reflex HiVe II slot ports
  • Precision machined Rhodium-plated speaker terminals
  • Compatible with the bespoke Studio 89 Stand
  • Finishes available: high-gloss black with gold drive unit cones

Small, compact and visually unique, the all-new Studio 89 is an uncompromising little speaker. It packs an awful lot of acoustic technology into its compact dimensions, and while it is one hundred percent a Monitor Audio speaker, born of our Transparent Design Philosophy, it is as unique in the range as the statement Hyphn.

Studio 89 is designed to be different. Listen Again.

The MTM (Mid-Tweeter-Mid) Driver Array offers advantages of vertical symmetry. Also, increased bass-mid driver cone surface and voice coils mean improved dynamic capability and better in-room floor and ceiling interaction. Working like a point source, the sound dispersion is large, spacious and enveloping.

Studio 89’s bass-mid driver cones are made up of three ultra-thin layers to ensure rigidity and strength. A C-CAM outer skin, ‘ceramic-coated aluminium magnesium’, sits over a Nomex honeycomb central core with the underside skin made up of a woven carbon fibre. The result: super lightweight and very, very strong.

Compact in size and extremely narrow, Studio 89’s design optimises acoustics and helps present a much larger soundstage into the listening area. The cabinet is also carefully internally braced to ensure structural rigidity.

The crossovers have undergone hours of listening and part selection, using only the best bespoke polypropylene and polyester capacitors, air-core and low-loss laminated steel-core inductors to provide maximum signal transfer and reduced distortion for optimum sound delivery.​

The MPD III (micro-pleated diaphragm) high-frequency transducer delivers precise, lifelike high frequencies with ease. Its super-fast-reacting accordion-like pleats produce a smooth, wide and fast response.

Studio 89 is compact for good reason. We know space is at a premium within the home, while large room-filling sound is a must. Advances in metal driver cone technology and powerful motor systems mean that the two things aren’t mutually exclusive.

Delivering perfect stability for pristine audio reproduction, the Studio 89 Stand offers a striking improvement to any set-up.

The Studio 89 Stand provides maximum placement versatility and assures that the Studio 89 speakers reach their full potential by delivering the best in terms of sonic punch, detail and rhythm.



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