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M3 Series Phono Stage
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Building on the success of the M6x Vinyl Premium Phono stage, Musical Fidelity have added the M3x Vinyl to their range. The perfect compliment to your M3, M or M6 series products but capable of upgrading any Vinyl based system. Built for MM or MC cartridges, with full loading adjustments for either, the internal circuits are designed to provide a clean signal path. Simple to setup and intuative to use, the new Musical Fidelity M3x Vinyl should be a serious rival to the Chord Huei and Rega Aria MK3.

Technical Data

Frequency response: MM: RIAA or RIAA/IEC ±0 .2dB
Input Sensitivity: MM: 5mV in for 500mV out (at 1 kHz)
MC: 500μV in for 500mV out (at 1 kHz)
Input Impedance: MM: 47KΩ;
MC: 25Ω to 1,2KΩ selectable
Input Capacitance: MM: 50-400pF selectable
Gain: MM: 40 or 46dB with +6dB function
MC: 60 or 66dB with +6dB function
THD+N: MC: <0.28%
Signal to noise ration: MM: 71dB
MC: 59dB
Crosstalk : MM: better than 100dB
MC: better than 90dB
Output: 1 pair RCA: left and right 500mV nom 10V max
Input 1 pair RCA
Power Requirement: Mains voltages: 230V/115V; AC 50/60Hz
Consumption: 20 Watts maximum. 0W in standby)
Weight and Dimensions: Unit only, unboxed: 6.59 kg
W x H(incl. feet) x D(incl. terminals): 440 x 105 x390mm
Standard Accessories: Mains lead: 10 Amp IEC

The M3x Vinyl is a phono stage designed to fit into any modern system. It is stylish in its layout and intuitive to use, while the inputs and outputs are designed to never be overloaded or limited, for absolute signal integrity. It can be set for either moving magnet or moving coil cartridges and adjusted for the exact loading requirements of each, and the internal circuitry is optimised for sonic excellence. 

The M3x Vinyl has drawn inspiration from the superior M6x Vinyl design and features an entirely discrete circuitry, which results in better technical measurements and better sound. Discrete circuits use individual electrical devices, like transistors, throughout the electrical circuit (discrete components), as opposed to integrated circuits, which feature devices such op-amps. This more traditional option of discrete circuitry perfectly suits the Musical Fidelity “sound”, as it typically results in a more neutral, natural and dynamic sonic signature. 

The M3x Vinyl also employs split-passive equalisation in separate amplification stages for its RIAA curve. This is more costly than the typical single EQ network in a feedback loop design chosen by many others, but it ensures the most accurate reproduction of the ideal EQ curve. Split-passive equalisation also allows for better impedance matching, further optimising the electrical path the music flows through.

The special audio transformer with low core saturation utilised within the M3x Vinyl decreases the level of electromagnetic radiation, which is essential for proper operation. Internally, the M3x Vinyl affords space between the transformer and the amplification section inside the chassis, while also installing electromagnetic shielding for extra protection. The result is an incredibly high signal-to-noise ratio, for absolute clarity in sound. 

The M3x Vinyl is also the first to feature a new proprietary power solution that has zero standby power consumption, recognising the company’s awareness of growing interest in more environmentally friendly products within the hi-fi industry. 

The M3x Vinyl is housed in a steel chassis with a thick, heavy aluminium fascia, which not only matches the whole M-Series aesthetic, but also brings rigidity to the product and isolation from outside interferences. It is assembled with great care and wired fully by hand within the EU to meet the highest production standards. Equipped with RCA inputs and outputs, adjustable impedance (MC) and capacitance (MM) settings and a +6dB gain boost to help particularly quiet cartridges, it is effortlessly easy to integrate anywhere. 

Although the M3x Vinyl is the lowest-priced phono stage in the M-Series range, it still fully embodies Musical Fidelity’s hallmark values of uncoloured, stress-free sound, outstanding technical performance, and great value for money. 

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