Neat Acoustics

Neat Acoustics HQ

In rural Teesdale, in the north of England. Behind these doors lurks a small but dedicated team – dedicated to producing the most musical loudspeakers in the world.

For over twenty years Neat loudspeakers have been hand crafted by a dedicated team based in Teesdale in the north of England. These loudspeakers are widely considered to offer the very best in High-End audio reproduction, regardless of size or price.

An equally dedicated group of distributors and dealers around the world can also demonstrate why, if it’s the ultimate musical experience you seek, Neat is the perfect choice.

Most models are available in a range of superb real wood veneer finishes and special premium finishes can also be specified.

The development of a Neat loudspeaker invariably involves hundreds of hours of listening tests. The Neat listening room is the starting point, though a new design must prove itself in a variety of different rooms and systems before it is signed off for production.

Listening Room
Neat’s unusual take on the art of loudspeaker design involves the process of listening to many different types of music and allowing the music to govern the tuning and voicing of the loudspeaker – to the exclusion of almost all other criteria. In a world where most hifi equipment is designed to conform to a set of widely accepted parameters, Neat’s approach is very refreshing.

Neat Acoustics was founded by Bob Surgeoner in 1989. As a self-taught musician, Bob has spent most of his life playing music in a variety of different styles, such as blues, rock, jazz, folk, country and bluegrass. He’s also pursued a parallel interest in electronics since childhood and this passion for music-making continues to drive his enthusiasm for the reproduction of recorded music.

Neat’s in-house recording studio, where bespoke recordings can be made. This facility allows a reference point for the voicing of Neat’s loudspeakers.

On hand is a huge variety of musical instruments, including piano, pump organ, harp, double bass, synthesisers, and a range of electric & acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments. High resolution recordings can be made and instantly played back in the listening room.

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