New Audio Technica Cartridges

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

VM95 Series

For 38 years the AT95E has been known as the best-in-class cartridge. Now after more than 5 million sold, it’s time to move to a new level......introducing the new generation AT-VM95E

The new AT-VM95E has been upgraded and redesigned to offer the user improved performance and better sound quality.

• An improved and distinctive design resulting in a more rigid low resonance housing.
• A new coil design delivering increased output voltage (4mV) compared to AT95 and AT95EX.
• Newly designed radial damping ring improving and increasing frequency and transient response to 22,000Hz.
• Easier to mount using threaded inserts in the cartridge body enabling it to be mounted to the headshell or on an
integral tonearm with just two screws (no nuts).

Designed to be interchanged and upgraded. The VM95 Series will not only replace two legendary Audio-Technica products, its adaptable design allows the interchangeabilityand the upgrade to more expensive styli.

One family, 18 products :
• Six moving magnet VM cartridges in the Series, use the same electromagnetic engine-body featuring six different
styli, offering a wide choice of options for every budget and application.
• Six interchangeable replacement styli are perfectly compatible with VM95 Series body (and also with XP Series DJ
• Six cartridge sets featuring each of the VM95 Series cartridge pre-mounted on the black version of AT-HS6 headshell
for plug and play solution.

Check out the full range here: