New Brand Alert!!

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Noram Audio may not be a name you are familiar with, but we think they are a bit of an unsung hero of the Hi-Fi world. Hailing from Cremona in Italy, we first heard of the brand at the Bristol Hifi Show in 2019. Running in the room at the time was the HS IPA1 compact amplifier, paired with the Neat Iota speakers. It was one of the best, if not the best, sounding room at the show. Instantly we knew we wanted to have a bit more time and a better listen with the range. 

Anthony from Hi-Fidelity UK Ltd came along to the store a few weeks later to show us a few more products in more detail. We had a liten to the IPA-70B and IPA-140 amplifiers, hooked into an Auralic G1 Aries streamer. What a sound. None of us had experienced an amp with such grip and control at the bottom end (and that was the IPA-70B!) Incredibly musical, with a sweet open soundstage that picks up every texture and nuance. From then on we knew we had to have Norma on Demo. 

Taking a whole range is expensive, so we have started with the Revo IPA-70B Amplifier and Revo DS-1 CD Player/DAC for demo, with the intention of adding some more down the line. 

If you love your music and you have the Hi-Fi upgrade bug, we urge you to listen to Norma. None of us think you will be disappointed! 

Here is a little more about Norma and the links below will take you to the products. Please contact us on 0208 930 9933 to arrange a demo.

Norma History:

The NORMA brand is property of OPAL ELECTRONICS, a company that designs, engineers, and builds Electronic Devices in the measuring instruments field. From the union of the technical know-how acquired in time and the passion for Quality Listening, NORMA products were born, a synthesis between Technology and Love for Music.

Norma is based in Cremona, a place where music has always played an important role. Cremona is the home of Monteverdi, Ponchielli, Stradivari, Amati and many other artists. For more than 20 years Norma has been involved in the study and implementation of sophisticated audio amplifiers. Technical skill and musical sensitivity must be merged together, in the same way in which the best musical instruments are made. In Norma we are convinced that the influence of audio electronics on the outcome of audio reproduction is much greater than commonly assumed. Listening to a NORMA product can express this concept, better than words, closer than ever to live listening. The sound of Norma products is unique, represents a synthesis of parameters which often conflict with each other. Dynamics, speed, and absolute transparency are combined with extraordinary musicality and a total lack of listening fatigue. The conflicts between solid state and valves are finally overcome, leaving space only for pure listening pleasure.

The origins of the NORMA brand go back to 1987. The first device to be launched in the market was the NS 123 amplifier. In 1991 NORMA was bought by OPAL ELECTRONICS. This started a seven-year research and development work, which produced a completely new range of products. The basic concept was concerning the role of an Electronic in the audio reproduction chain. It has, in our opinion, a greater importance than people are usually let to believe.
The renewed range of NORMA products was introduced at Milan’s TOP AUDIO in 1997.
Since then, the products had been constantly updated without upsetting the original philosophy. The products in fact remained in catalogue for a long time, also to preserve the investments made by clients.
After a few years the IPA integrated amplifiers series was introduced, and only lately the REVO series was added, easily recognizable for the original and refined design. Of this gamma, the last product in arrive is the REVO CDPlayer.

The places where NORMA is headquartered had and still have a great influence on the products itself. Cremona and its surroundings have profound musical roots and nowadays music is still a very important element of the city’s cultural background.
To remain strictly in the musical area, Cremona was the place where lived and operated artists like Claudio Monteverdi and Amilcare Ponchielli. The influence of Giuseppe Verdi is important too, as places like Roncole Verdi, Busseto and Sant’Agata are only a few kilometers away, and the Master often came to the city both for business and personal reasons.
On the violinmaking side, Antonio Stradivari and the Amati and Guarneri del Gesù families lent their talent to this city, leaving a great tradition from which derived the highly qualified International School of Violinmaking and the numerous shops, owned by luthiers coming from everywhere in the world. 
In Cremona also take place the Musicology Faculty and the most important yearly appointment for high craft musical instruments. Numerous initiatives and concerts offer to the public the possibility to listen to high quality music in every moment of the year.
We are sure that you would not regret coming to visit this astonishing land.
If you want to know more about what this land can offer, you will find some interesting links on the side.

NORMA’s target is to utilize Technique to create products that reflect what NORMA means with “musical reproduction”. This concept is the synthesis of elements as: neutrality, lack of artificiality, respect for the dynamics and timbre of the original execution. In other words, a Minimalist approach; the intention is therefore to manipulate the audio signal as less as possible, confiding that the original music already contains all the Beauty that will bring Emotion in the listening experience. The musical message will not be Reinterpreted, adding something More pleasant, but will instead receive the maximum respect. 
All the technical choices, from the most advanced to the ones that are apparently against the trend, derive from this precise Vision, and are not random.