New Mission M Cube

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The Mission M Cube was regarded as a classic. With NXT panels and a heftly subwoofer, the original stylish M Cube was a compact yet impressive 5.1 AV speaker system. It has been missed for quite a while, but not anymore! Mission have just introduced the latest M Cube system - the M3 (or M Cubed to you and me) 

A stylish and modern take on the original system, it now does away with the umbilical cord connection to the sub and connects direct to your AV amplifier. With BMR driver technology and a 200w subwoofer, the sound is high quality all the way. Living room firendly tiny speakers alos make this a sensible choice when larger speakers are just not possible. 

Currently available in black only, the M3 is set to be a serious option when choosing your AV speaker setup. 

Below is a picture of the old M Cube alongside the new. Click on either image to learn more about the M3