Norma Audio Electronics

Fundamentally passionate about music and its reproduction with experience spanning from the early 1970's in the Hi-Fi industry, we are aspiring to bring new and compelling products to the UK which will enhance the marketplace with carefully selected brands.​

Norma Audio has been chosen for it's meticulous construction and superb sound quality.

Although relatively unknown in the UK, Norma has garnered a well deserved reputation for clean, clear sound. It can be likened to cleaning dirty windows, removing the surface stains and revealing a clear view of the music as it was intended to be, whilst retaining all the musicality. ​

The Revo IPA-140 integrated amplifier has been highly recommended by various renowned journalists and punches well above its weight. Considered by one to be on a par with anything of over twice its price, we will leave you to decide for yourself upon listening.​

We are proud to introduce the new Norma Audio HS-IPA1 integrated amplifier with optional onboard DAC, Phono stage for MM/MC and dedicated Class A headphone amplifier. 

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Norma HS IPA1

Compact Size, big performance

Norma Revo CDP-1BR

Reference CD player

Norma Revo DAC-1

Reference DAC

Norma Revo DS-1

CD Player with 5 Digital Inputs

Norma Revo IPA-140

Optional Phono Stage and USB DAC

Norma Revo IPA-70B

Optional Phono Stage and USB DAC